Our Highly Recommended Seattle Area Florist Tobey Nelson Weddings & Events Today’s post is all about one of our recommended Seattle florist vendor friends. So, who do we recommend as one of the best Seattle area florists? In my exclusive Facebook group for Stormy Brides, we are constantly passing around vendor recommendations. Tobey at Tobey […]


Today I’m sharing the two first looks every bride should do on her wedding day. Plot twist: neither of these first looks are with your groom-to-be! What?!?! Crazy, but stay with me!

father waiting to see bride for the first time


Choosing your wedding photographer is different then choosing most vendors on your wedding day. Why? Well, from you getting ready on your wedding to the end of your reception, you’re going to spend more time with your photographer than you will your husband-to-be. Knowing this, it’s important for your PHOTOS and your overall wedding EXPERIENCE to choose someone you like and feel like you can be friends with.

Stormy bride and groom looking at their photo on the back of camera


Do you find yourself swooning over all of the dreamy and romantic couple’s photos on Pinterest and wonder what to wear for your own photos? If you’re looking for outfit inspiration that will take your engagement photos to the next level, then you’re in the right place! I remember how exciting it was to dream […]

what to wear- neutral and light colors for engagement photos


If you and your partner haven’t started talking about money, then this is where you need to start. This talk should be more than the typical “is this person a saver or a spender?” and “how much income do you bring in?”

Pike Place Market sign in Seattle, WA


If you’re like me, then you probably spent some time thinking about what could possibly go wrong on your wedding day and how to prevent those events. Having some sort of wedding day emergency kit is what every bride needs on her wedding day to minimize what could take away from the joy of her wedding.

contents of wedding day bridal emergency kit that every bride needs


When it comes to all the little details to document your wedding day in its entirety, I never want to miss any special details of the groom! For that reason, I put together a “Groom Details Checklist” so nothing is forgotten. I find that bridal details get the most attention on wedding days, but Michael […]

groom and groomsmen toasting before wedding


Looking for some Valentine’s Day date ideas in Seattle? Well, you’re in the right place! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I feel like our default is to go out to dinner because it feels easiest and we are used to celebrating this way. Not that Michael and I don’t enjoy when someone else does […]


Brunch, YUM! On Sunday morning, Michael and I invited all of our Stormy Brides and Grooms to his parents’ home over for our first “Stormy Brides Brunch.” If you don’t already know, Michael and I are cliche millennials who LOVE brunch food and coffee, of course. Heck, we even had a brunch WEDDING! We’ve been […]


You shouldn’t have to guess what bridal details to set aside on your wedding day. With so many things running through my brides’ minds leading up to the moment they say “I do,” I don’t want something like bridal and grooms details to be overlooked! One of the first things I do when arriving the […]

Bridal Details Checklist


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