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Michael’s Favorite Lens on a Wedding Day

Hey there, it’s Michael, the other half of Stormy Peterson Photography. As the second photographer in our squad of two people (and three cats), I have the freedom to take unique close ups and artistic photos during a wedding day. For that reason, our Canon 100mm 2.8L macro lens is by far my favorite lens.

Michael’s Favorite Lens: 100mm

The 100mm is a macro lens typically used for detail shots like rings because it provides a tight depth of field and tack sharp focus. We take many of our close up detail shots with this lens. I, however, also use it for bride and groom portraits. The bokeh this lens provides is what really makes this lens my favorite. If you don’t know what bokeh is, it’s that soft, out of focus background behind the subject in photos.

Because of the bokeh, the 100mm takes creamy and dreamy photos that look like a painting. We shoot many of our favorite photos with this lens for that reason. If you compare the 100mm to our 50mm for example, which is a typical portrait lens, you can see the difference in the background colors and softness.

LEFT: 50mm 1.2L; RIGHT: 100mm 2.8L macro

Another advantage of the 100mm is how close up the shots are. Often Stormy shoots portraits with the 50mm and can be close to our brides and grooms which allows her to talk, connect, and pose. With the 100mm, I can be much farther back and get shots from a unique perspective without running into Stormy, or I can be right next to her and get a much closer portrait while she gets a wide shot. We sometimes like to shoot like this when a wedding day runs behind and we don’t want to sacrifice the amount of bride and groom portraits we deliver OR if our couple doesn’t do a first look.

Thank you so much for reading and leave any questions in the comments that I can answer!

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