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Seattle Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Looking for some Valentine’s Day date ideas in Seattle? Well, you’re in the right place! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I feel like our default is to go out to dinner because it feels easiest and we are used to celebrating this way. Not that Michael and I don’t enjoy when someone else does the cooking for us, we hold onto the idea that couples who have more fun experiences together are happier overall and more likely to stay together. I’d rather have a memorable day with Michael over a dinner that I probably won’t remember five years from now.

I put together this quick list of ideas for Valentine’s Day date night ideas that aren’t just going out for dinner. I wanted to include budget alternatives, too! Even if these ideas don’t sound like your cup of tea, I hope they inspire new ideas that are true to you and your significant other 🙂

Seattle Valentine’s Date Ideas

Go Out Dancing

Everyone knows that dancing ignites a completely different kind of intimacy between a couple. We all have excuses about why we can’t dance, but dancing (just like relationships) is all about being vulnerable together. Michael claims that he HATES dancing unless he’s forced. A few year ago, we went out salsa dancing and Michael had so much fun and really got into it! It’s probably one of my favorite memories seeing a big smile on his face while he danced.

Our favorite place to go dancing is Century Ballroom in Seattle. Fun fact: we actually considered getting married there, too. On the 14th, you can start your evening with an intro to salsa dance session at 8:30pm and then open dancing starts 9:30pm. The lesson and dancing will cost you $20 per person or just $12 if you already know how to salsa and want to skip the lesson. I would recommend taking the lesson to build up your confidence 🙂


Watch dancing videos on Youtube and practice together. I recommend choosing to learn swing dance together because the steps can be slowed down and it’s all about improvising and following the lead partner.

Seattle Valentine's Date Ideas -- Salsa Dancing at Century Ballroom

Do Something Artistic Together

Now, before you say that you aren’t an artist, let me just say that you don’t have to be a prodigy of any kind to have fun with your partner. Depending on what you like, you have several options for an artistic date night.

There’s Canvas Paint and Sip Studio in Kirkland and Seattle. There’s a Groupon for the Seattle location, which makes this date night $35 per person, not including drinks.


Get an adult coloring book and color together! Some people find coloring extremely relaxing. OR Start and finish a puzzle together! We usually borrow puzzles from Michael’s parents 🙂

Couple’s Spa Day

Whether it’s finding a couple’s massage deal on Groupon or just going out for pedicures together, you really can’t go wrong with relaxing together. Michael and I will get pedicures together every once in a while and it’s fun to see who will laugh first once our feet start to feel ticklish. We also recently did couples’s massages and it’s something our bodies really needed!


Go to a drug store and get face masks to do together! Light some candles and play some relaxing spa music while you switch off giving foot and/or back rubs to each other 🙂

No matter what you decide to do, I hope you have an awesome time celebrating love with your significant other! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY <3 <3

<3 Stormy


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