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EXCITING NEWS for Stormy Peterson Photography!

Stormy Peterson Photography

Today, I’m popping confetti to celebrate a HUGE announcement! Starting this week and onward, I will be running Stormy Peterson Photography as a FULL TIME business!!! So, what does that look like? What was I doing before? Why now? What will be changing?… I’d love to share!

What we’ve been up to before now

I recently graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle this June after studying finance at an amazing business school– Michael G. Foster School of Business. I’m so blessed for the wealth of information I had access to and all of the amazing people I met while there and I owe so much to Foster. Before starting this business, I always assumed that I’d end up being a financial analyst or doing something in the world of real estate finance. After all, I’ve been a commercial real estate analyst intern for two years up until last Friday.

During the school year, I was balancing courses, my internship, AND my business while also learning what it meant to be a new wife. Once school was over, I committed all of my nights and weekends to our little business and our amazing clients. When the time came to look for a full-time job after graduating, I noticed that I was content at my internship because it allowed me to pour my time and love into Stormy Peterson Photography.

How we focused on growing our little business

To be honest, there was always this fear in the back of my mind that I’d choose a career path that felt comfortable/ stable, but it wouldn’t make me happy. Then, one night came where I messaged with Michael about another large business investment I wanted to make. Investing in our business isn’t anything new. Ever since we made our business official, we’ve invested everything back into the business: education, gear, workflow efficiency, client experience, etc. Everything? Yes and that meant we never paid ourselves from our business.

So, Why now?

So, why now? For Michael and me, we are in a unique season of life. For our business, we spent this year investing heavily in gear and backup gear while building a safety net of funds and insurance, just in case. But more importantly, one of the biggest advantages at this time in our lives is where we’re at financially. We have no debt, no children (besides our fur babies), no worries if we both were to lose our jobs for an entire year, etc. As people who love to save and invest, we’ve grown accustomed to living on a college student budget and plan to keep it that way later into our twenties so we can continue to save.

So, what’s changing?

So, what’s changing? This process has already started, but with more time to focus on the business, we are adding more exciting things to our client experience and spending our time re-evaluating the “what” and “why” behind all of our business processes. We have big plans and ideas for what’s to come next and can’t wait to see where our newfound time investment will take Stormy Peterson Photography!

Loving and serving our clients will always remain at the core of Stormy Peterson Photography

At the end of the day, our goal for our business has always been to love and serve our clients well and that will always be at the center of why we do what we do 🙂

Thank you so much for following along in such an exciting/new/kind of terrifying time in our lives! <3



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  1. Oh my goodness; Congratulations, guys! What exciting news! I can sincerely say, you guys DO love and serve your clients extremely well. My heart just burst while I was reading this post. You guys are doing it right and you’re doing it well. Thank you so much for believing in yourself and in your business and for sharing this journey with us! I’m cheering you on ❤

  2. Jessica says:

    YAY! SO excited for you!! <3

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