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Spontaneous Trip to Leavenworth 2019

On Saturday morning, Michael and I both woke up feeling under the weather, but rather than laying in bed all day, I wanted to do something fun for our last weekend in 2019. After some back and forth and persuading, I convinced Michael to leave the comfort of bed to go on a spontaneous Leavenworth trip! More often than not, Michael and I enjoy nights in partly out of laziness and partly because we have plenty to do at home, but I needed a change of pace. We got ready for the day and decided to pack Michael’s camera with our newest lens to play around with and hit the road!

On the car ride up, Michael told me that this was actually his first time visiting this Bavarian town in Washington. I found this to be surprising since he’s lived his whole life in Washington! Back when I moved here almost seven years ago, I made a trip out to visit Leavenworth that same summer. Arriving in Leavenworth, we set our sights on finding food. Priority number one when you’ve been in the car for almost three hours, amiright?!?

Where We Went

We dodged the crowds of families and found a table for two at the Bavarian Bar & Bistro to enjoy some yummy pretzels, schnitzel, and apple strudel dessert for lunch. We were in comfort food heaven! Afterwards, we waited in line to treat ourselves to some hot coffee from J5 Coffee. I ordered an eggnog latt√© and Michael got his favorite: a perfect cappuccino! After looking in a few stores and buying some taffy, we walked around outside to enjoy the holiday lights after the sun had set. Not surprising at all, we stopped one more time for food before heading home. Overall, our spontaneous trip to Leavenworth was loads of fun and we’re so glad that we decided against a lazy weekend in!

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