In other words, “unapologetically sentimental” is a badge of honor we wear with pride. See also: “hopeless romantic.”

Delight in the little details. Embrace affection. Lean into your tender heart. Take nothing for granted. Leave a legacy.

Around here, our philosophy is simple:

Still here? This is the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.
(Here’s hoping you’re getting good vibes, too.)

The friendships you share, the love you cultivate, and the relationships you nurture are worth more than anything money could buy.

You’ll choose true and timeless over trendy every time.

The devil’s in the details, and you’re determined to get it right every time.

You’re no stranger to beauty. You love clean lines, soft colors, and impeccable design, but not at the cost of what’s real. Every day you work to find the balance between aesthetics and authenticity, style and sensibility.

There’s magic in sacred moments with family, your dear friends, and the ones you love most.

Seeing as you’re here, you probably have a similar way of seeing the world. Here’s what else we have in common: 

They lay the eggs that give us much-needed protein for long wedding days.


Our flock of side-chicks

Oliver and Leo are professional lap cats who supervise all editing work when they are not busy chattering at birdies.


Editing supervisors

Hazelnut & Nimbus 'hoppily' give emotional support kisses throughout our workday.


They're all ears

Master of capturing all of the tender & hilarious candid moments; professional groomsmen wrangler.


Your Unofficial groomsman

Wholeheartedly dedicated to honoring your unique love story with a playful and witty presence to effortlessly put you at ease.


Your love story aficionado

meet the team

Meet the faces behind Stormy Peterson Photography

Whether it's grandparents, brothers, fur babies, or anyone in between, their memories will live on through photography.

Eventually, we’ll all know loss. As time passes, grief changes, but it never leaves us. Like the tide, it ebbs and flows–crashing upon the rocks or shimmering under a clear sky–but it’s always there. In constant motion, grief transforms, swells, and subsides, but photographs only grow in value over time. 

The value of portraiture is simple: Long after their subjects are gone, pictures remain.

At twelve years old, the unexpected passing of Stormy’s brother rocked her family to the core. Even as a child, Stormy was already taking stock of the moments with him she’d never have: She’d never get to hear her brother’s voice calling to her from across the house. She’d never get to dance with him on her wedding day. She’d never get to see him fall in love. In the absence of her brother, Stormy has only a few photographs of him–each more precious than the last. In the years since his passing, Stormy has kept these photos close to her heart. 

The “why” behind our work

the heart behind the photos

our favorite things

more about us

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for animals so don't be too surprised when I encourage you to bring along your fur baby for photos!


favorite things


With our many respective flavors of humor, Michael and I vehemently endorse that laughter is in fact the best medicine and we're not afraid to use it!


favorite things


My favorite thing to do is create new dishes in the kitchen. I spoil Stormy with breakfast (and lattes made with love) every morning in bed!


favorite things


One of our friends invited Stormy and me rock climbing at the end of 2019 and I've been climbing ever since at the Seattle Bouldering Project.


favorite things


- Jenn & David

When you hire Stormy, you're getting more than just a photographer and more than just an artist. Her entire business philosophy is based on serving her clients to the fullest, and you can tell right away that she means it.

Our images are tailor-made to celebrate your story, stop time, and ground you in the promises you’ve made–now and forever. 

You deserve a photographer who can do it all. That’s where we come in.

When it comes to balancing connection and craftsmanship, humor and heart, style and sentiment (with a smidgen of sensitivity), you shouldn’t have to choose.