Boudoir Photography

I'm a 20-something, coffee obsessed, cat mom from Colorado currently living near Seattle, WA. My journey with boudoir started with finding my own confidence and desire to get tasteful and flattering boudoir images of myself done back in 2019. My mom once told me that she always regretted not doing a boudoir session when she was my age. I didn't want to have that same regret and I hit a point in my twenties where I wanted to starting celebrating the body I was given rather than waste any more time looking for insecurities.

My journey to boudoir might be different than yours, but the fact is that YOUR body and EVERY body is a boudoir body. If you want to feel beautiful and see your unique femininity as the art it is, then you're in the right place!

I'm Stormy
Seattle Boudoir Photographer

hey there, babe!

Feminine. Soft. Playful.

Seattle, WA


“[Stormy] showed me everything, from how to hold my hands to how I hold my lips – you name it! You don’t have to know anything walking in. I left floating on clouds, she is a GREAT hype girl! Stormy knows her stuff, and she understands a woman’s body and how to make it look sensual, but classic.”


I shoot and edit in a timeless, light and airy style with true-to-life colors. More importantly, my posing style focuses on capturing the most flattering angles of any woman in a way that is feminine, soft, and playful.

How Would you describe your photography & Posing style?

Ultimately this is up to you, but I highly recommend 'yes.' Hiring a professional spoils you with some well-deserved pampering & HMUAs know what to do to make you look your best on camera, which is different than what your day-to-day routine might look like.

Should I get Professional Hair & Makeup done?

This a loaded question and it will always come back to choosing something that makes you feel attractive and confident! With 3 outfit choices, I do recommend a two piece lingerie set paired with a lace robe, a teddie/lingerie bodysuit, and something cozy and cute like an oversized sweater with panties.

What do i Wear?

Due to the private nature of boudoir, we will pick a model release that fits your specific comfort level. Images are posted to my private, ladies only instagram account.

WIll my images be on public display?

Yes! For the sake of time, nudes would be considered one of your 3 outfit choices and we'd do these at the end of your session, so you are at your higher level of comfort and confidence.

I'm considering doing a few nude shots; is that something that you do?

Unless you've booked a couple's boudoir session, I do not allow additional people to be in the studio. This is to make it so my focus is entirely on you and making the experience fun and laidback without unnecessary distractions.

Can I bring a friend to my Session?

Absolutely not! No boys or extra people are allowed in the studio during your session unless you've chosen to do a couple's boudoir session. 

I see that you work with your husband; will he be at my boudoir session?






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