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Joanna + Ithamar | Discovery Park Maternity Session

I was absolutely thrilled when Joanna picked Discovery Park in Seattle for her maternity session! Why? The park has a LIGHTHOUSE and I honestly never thought that those existed anywhere near where I live. To be fair, the lighthouse was a little stubby, but still a cute location for maternity photos. My grandmother always loved lighthouses, so I have a bias to them because they make me think of my sweet grandma Debbie. Also, who doesn’t love pretty lighthouses?!?!

Joanna + Ithamar are expecting a beautiful baby girl after four years of trying. In Joanna’s words, this baby is a miracle. If the time we spent together has anything to do with what kind of parents they will be, then I’m positive that their little girl will be surrounded by love, joy, and a dash of playful sass. These parents-to-be have such different, yet complimentary personalities and they make a fun pair.

Not only did Michael and I have the pleasure to run around in the sand with these two while acting as silly as possible to get some laughs, but we truly feel like we developed a really nice friendship with Joanna + Ithamar. We adore any couple who loves to be silly and have a fun time during their photos. The fact that Joanna is also a photographer added a next level to bonding because we were able to share ideas about something we love. On top of that, I had the pleasure to second shoot at a beautiful Sultan wedding venue for her the day after this session so we spent a lot of meaningful time together!

Joanna + Ithamar, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of the pregnancy for your first child. We adore you both so much and can’t wait to meet your baby girl 🙂

Joanna + Ithamar | Discovery Park Maternity Session


  1. Joanna Glumac says:

    Thank you so much for capturing our maternity photos. It was fun getting to meet both you and Michael. The pictures are beautiful and I am so grateful for all the time you spent with us and your patience with this mama 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    That lama is me, lol.
    What a beautiful shoot!

  3. Alison says:

    These are gorgeous!!

  4. Rocheal says:

    I love the ones with the sun behind them, and the styled photo is amazing!

  5. Mary Ann Graves says:

    Ahh a maternity session on the beach!! And that sunset glow!! Well done ❤️❤️

  6. Maria says:

    Love the ones on the beach. Beautiful

  7. Gillian says:

    These are so beautiful! Well done!

  8. Jessica says:

    What gorgeous maternity photos! I love the beach ones!

  9. Mandy says:

    Such beautiful images. They’re really going to treasure these!!

  10. Alissa Moore says:

    I love the ones on the beach with the sun behind them 😍

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