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My Favorite Session to Photograph | Seattle Engagement Photographers

Why We Love Being Seattle Engagement Photographers

Sometimes I’ll get the question asking me what type of session is my favorite to photograph. Since a wedding is technically not a “session,” I find myself favoriting any kind of couple’s session! (Family sessions with younger children are definitely a close second because #babyfever.) As an engagement photographers in the greater Seattle area, Michael and I are incredibly lucky to photograph so many fun and quirky couples leading up to their wedding day! Keep reading to find out a few of the reasons why we love photographing all things engagements.

Infectious Joy

Snowy Discovery Park Engagement Session by Seattle Engagement Photographers of Stormy Peterson Photography

It’s no secret that being engaged is an exciting time in life. You’ve found a life partner that you can’t live without and you get to celebrate your love and commitment to each other with all of the people you love. The happiness and excitement that engaged couples feel is incredibly infectious for us. This feeling alone makes engagement sessions one of our favorite sessions! Not only do we looking forward to sharing in their excitement, but we’re honored to be part of their love story as their engagement photographers.

Special Memories

Engagement session at Deception Pass State Park in Washington by Seattle Engagement Photographers, Stormy and Michael Peterson

For many couples, engagement photos are their first professional photos together as a couple. That’s a special event in itself! In addition to that, when you think of how long you’ll be engaged compared to a lifetime of marriage, it’s so important to soak in that short time being engaged. These are likely the only professional images you’ll have to call your “engagement photos,” too. We thrive on this pressure to deliver the best representation of your love. Creating these special memories for you warms our hearts because we know what our engagement photos mean to us and we want the same for you!

Enriching Your Marriage

Let’s pivot for a moment. We all know that marriage has it’s difficult moments, right? Now imagine this… you’re searching for something to remind you of all the reasons you fell in love with your partner and pull out your engagement photos. As you flip through them, you relive all of those same feelings you had during your engagement photos. The way you could see the love in both of your eyes. His smile that you fell in love with.

That’s one of the amazing things about photographs, especially when you have an engagement photographer that really took the time to capture and illustrate your love into photographs. We love being engagement photographers to give couples sweet memories to bring them closer even years after their wedding. After all, we know that the photos AND the positive memory of your engagement session experience makes you love those images so much more.

These are just a few of the many reasons why engagement sessions are our favorite to photograph! We’d love to hear from you to photograph your engagement session, too. Send us a note HERE <3

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