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Heritage Hall Engagement | Kyna + Sean

Welcome to Kyna and Sean’s Kirkland Heritage Hall engagement session featured on the SP Blog! This was actually my first time meeting these lovebirds, but I’d already heard so much about them. When Stormy, Kyna, and Sean met for coffee at the beginning of the year, I remember Stormy coming home to say that she just met the best potential Stormy Bride and Groom. They clicked immediately and she said they felt like old friends after that first meeting.

How They Met

To get an idea of how funny Kyna and Sean are, I have to tell you the story of how they met. It was Kyna’s first day at her new job where Sean also worked. Their manager brought Kyna into the break room to introduce her to everyone and after doing so, Sean made up that they were brother and sister and had known each other their whole lives. Obviously not true as this was their first time meeting each other. The hilarious part is that Kyna went with it. They managed to convinced all of their coworkers they were brother and sister! After they discovered they both liked hiking, they became good friends and even would post pictures of their hikes with hashtags like #siblinglove! The charade ended when their friendship turned to love. Doesn’t that sound like something out of a romantic comedy?!?

Kirkland Heritage Hall Engagment Session

Fast forward to last weekend’s engagement session. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Kyna and Sean are so funny and great to talk to. We had so much fun that we stayed and talked together until after 10pm. It was the best time!

I really enjoyed getting to know Kyna and Sean, especially after hearing so many wonderful things about them beforehand. Lucky for us, the weather was perfect for a sunset session. The sun cast beautiful golden light through the trees and into the Centennial Garden behind Heritage Hall. This time of year, the roses and hydrangeas are in bloom and the rest of the garden is a perfect green backdrop. After taking photos in the garden, we made our way to Carillon Point. Photos by the water were important to Kyna and Sean, so we made sure to make it happen where other people weren’t in the background.

Check out the beautiful photos from Heritage Hall below! Be sure to take a look at Kyna’s ring because it’s one of the most beautiful rings we’ve ever seen. Let us know in the comments section which photo is your favorite and stay tuned for more from Kyna and Sean! They’re tying the knot THIS TUESDAY at Woodinville Lavender and it’s going to be so stunning for photos and video!


Michael (& Stormy)


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