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Seattle Arboretum Engagement | Linden + Cary

Today we bring you Linden + Cary’s engagement session from the Seattle Arboretum! After having to reschedule a few times because of COVID and weather, we finally made these glowy photos happen! The arboretum has so many species of plants that there is always something beautiful in bloom from the spring through the summertime. One of the reasons Linden chose the arboretum was for it’s Linden trees. Who doesn’t want photos with their namesake?!?

Summer Seattle Arboretum Engagement Session

When Linden brought up the idea of including their corgi, Barley, we were so excited! Stormy LOVES corgis and I think they’re the most adorable dogs. Their little corgi butts are so cute when they shake and they act like big fluffy, friendly cats, in my opinion. Another thing I learned about corgis, especially Barley, is that they are so unbelievably in love with their owners. When Barley wasn’t in the photos with Linden and Cary, I literally had to distract him with his brand new toy, which he’d try to bring back to Cary, or hold him back by his leash as he dragged me along. Corgis may be small, but they’re a lot stronger than they look!

When I wasn’t fighting a losing battle against an oversized fluffy dog butt, Stormy and I sure had a great time with Linden + Cary! We talked like old friends although this was my first time getting to talk with the couple outside of seeing them at our 2020 Stormy Brides Brunch. It’s funny because Linden and Stormy have very similar personalities and all four of us just ‘clicked’ together.

For some adorable photos from Linden, Cary, and Barley’s Seattle Arboretum engagement session, keep scrolling below! Keep an eye out for their upcoming intimate wedding in August, too!

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Linden’s pink maxi dress is from Lulus!

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