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Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for an extra special way to thank your wedding photographer, then this post about gifts is for you! My top love languages is giving/receiving gifts and I’ll tell you that every time one of my couples sends me a gift, my heart just melts! The great thing about showing your appreciation for your wedding photographer is that some of the most meaningful gestures are completely free. Keep reading to learn my top ideas!

Gifts for Your Wedding Photographer:

Referrals, Reviews, and Raves!

One of the most flattering ways to say ‘thank you’ to your wedding photographer is to spread the word about him/her. No, seriously! Referring your newly engaged friends, coworkers, family, etc. is appreciated more than you know and your photographer will be so excited for the opportunity to serve someone amazing just like YOU!

Google reviews and raving on social media about your wedding photographer are other “gift” ideas that won’t cost you a cent. When you share something online about how awesome your photographer is, you’re basically introducing your family, friends, and engaged couples on the internet to your wedding photographer!

Like many service-based business, your wedding photographer relies on word-of-mouth from past clients to find future clients. I’m so lucky to have couples that do all three of these not just after receiving their wedding gallery, but throughout their whole experience as a Stormy Bride!

A Personal Gift

If you’re looking for something to make your wedding photographer go “How did she know?,” then I highly suggest finding something personal for your wedding photographer. I still feel loved when I think about a gift I received this year from a bride that incorporated some of my favorite things: cake pops, coffee, and cats. If you can’t recall your photographer sharing what he/she likes, then I recommend searching their website’s “about me” page or scroll through their social media for ideas. For example, your photographer might have posted somewhere that they have a mug collection or a slight addiction to popcorn. Maybe they like to bake or live exclusively in comfy clothes? Hopefully that sparks some creative ideas, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with a gift card either.

Something to Relax

I’ll tell you firsthand that every gift I’ve ever received that encourages me to relax after hustling my butt off on a wedding day has brought a smile to my face. Something as simple as a bath bomb set or my personal favorite to use after a wedding day: a microwavable neck and shoulder wrap, will be well received! I can’t think of a single adult person who hates receiving something cozy like fuzzy socks or a soft blanket, either.

Happy gifting!



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