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Gifford Family | Rattlesnake Lake Family Session

Hey folks, you’re friendly neighborhood photographer here, Michael! Today’s blog post that Stormy and I have prepared for you showcases our latest family session with Rachel, Drake, and baby Amelia! For their family session we drove out to Rattlesnake Lake to catch the sunrise for that awesome morning light and, unintentionally, the super cold weather!

Rattlesnake Lake Family Session

Amelia is about the cutest, happiest, and smartest babies we know. She is smiley all the time and makes the funniest faces! Between taking breaks to warm her up in her jacket, she was adorable to photograph whether she was smiley or wanted someone to hold her. At one point she had enough of photos and was crying. Drake plopped her in my arms and to my surprise, she fell right asleep! You’ll have to see the photo Stormy took of Amelia and me at the very end!

When Stormy and I have kids, we’ll be taking a few pointers from Drake and Rachel. They have the coolest ideas, like having all of her baby shower guest give children’s books as gifts to build Amelia a library before she was even born! The sweetest part is that Amelia loves to flip through her books. I wish our cats were that invested in educating themselves because they still can’t read and I’m very concerned for their academic development. Anyways, fun session, super cool and cold location, check out the photos below! The one where Amelia is focused on her books is my favorite. 🙂

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If you’re interested in visiting, then here’s a link with more information at Rattlesnake Lake 🙂

Some behind the scenes photos of when Stormy and I both got to hold Amelia. She melted our hearts <3

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